Monday, August 23, 2010

Little Shorts of DOOOOOOOOOM (A Lazy Girl's Guide to Feeling Productive)

So I spent most of my work day feeling like someone was drilling into my right leg through my pelvis and pouring nitroglycerin through the hole. Sciatica is a bitch. On the bright side, it meant I felt less guilty for passing up on a shift tonight so I could go to pub trivia with friends and bludge around at home afterwards. I did feel a little guilty though, so I felt like I had to do something vaguely useful to make up for it. Also I've been feeling slightly sewey this week, but not enough to do any actual sewing.

I've been needing a new pair of little denim shorts since last Summer when I finally bit the bullet and threw out the LDS I've owned since High School. They were so ridiculously big on me that I just had to get rid of them. When I threw them out I felt like I was throwing out part of myself. Which is really just fucking pathetic when you think about it. Also they were totally cute. And denim goes with everything (especially in Summer).

So anyway, I needed some more. So I grabbed the pair of jeans I bought last year that are just a little too small on me, and I cut them off just under the crotch. So these really are little denim shorts, yo. I made sure not to cut across the pockets at the back and front, but I didn't reallu measure them, just put them on, estimated where they should end, and cut across in a line. When I put them back on afterward I discovered that they needed to be a bit shorter at the outside of the leg, so off they came again while I kneeled on the floor in my knickers and snipped away some more. Simple as Ashton Kutcher at a Mensa meet. The end result is serviceably cute. Definitely worth it when I remember that every single pair I've seen in shops has been $20 minimum. The bottoms should fray nicely after a few turns though the washing machine, and since it's been so hot lately, I get to wear them straight away! w00t for me and my sexy shorts!

Now I just have to work on getting rid of my winter arse.

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