Thursday, August 5, 2010

2010 Volkwagen GTI

I sew.

I'm not great at it (though I'm not totally shit either) but I enjoy it. It gives me a sense of accomplishment, and it's kind of fun, and that fills both columns in my therapist's "reasons to do things" graph.

I fight a not-exactly-epic-but-still-fucking-hard battle with depression and anxiety and a thousand other mental and emotional issues. Finding something I enjoy doing is a fight in and of itself. I figured I may as well add to the sense of mastery that I'm supposed to get from tasks, by actually setting myself goals and attempting to achieve them. But I gotta record them too, hence the blog.

So here I am, first post in, explaining what's gunna be here. Not much really. Just me bitching and whinging, with some occasional photos and descriptions of the latest things I've been making.

So. What have I been making? I'm most of the way through making a pair of hippy pants. The original tutorial can be found here and her pants look way better than mine. Probably because she used hippy-type fabric. When I went shopping for mine, all I knew was that I wanted black fabric and that I wanted to wear the pants in winter and spring so they had to be a bit warmer than whatever hers were made of. About halfway through doing the hems I realised I was making them out of tracksuit material. Fucking posh y'all. In any case, what I have so far looks like a thick sheet anyway, so I can't imagine I'll be wearing them in anything resembling public.

This is what they look like so far:

Yep. I told you. A fucking sheet. So I'm going to have to cut them down a bit. But for now I can't be bothered. I still need to buy some ribbon to use as a waistband/tie which means I can't finish them yet anyway, so they'll have to wait until next week when I can afford/be bothered to buy it.

About halfway through making the pants I realised that I have an annoying habit of never having my sewing kit with me when I need it. Not that it's far away - I live in a 3-room apartment - but I'm lazy, and fuck having to move 8 whole feet to get my sewing kit when I could just stay sitting on my fat pasty arse. So I grabbed a slap-band and made a little cover for it with some leftover material I had. Then I found a 2D re-endition of a sphere, printed it, pinned it to some leftover felt and cut it out. Now, when I can be bothered, I'll sew the bits together and make a ball that I'll somehow attach to the slap-band. Then I can just whack the band on my wrist when I'm sewing, and I'll have a pincushion on my arm and I won't have to get up and go to the loungeroom to get my kit whenever I start at the sewing machine. As I'm typing this, it occurred to me that I should make a leather apron to carry scissors and stuff in. I am a fucking genius.

Also in the making is a denim bag that I started on weeks back and then lost momentum with. I grabbed a zombie embroidery pattern from Urban Threads ( a totally kick-arse sewing site) and at some point in my facebook-addicted-week, I will start to sew a zombie on to my new little bag. Yay me. I can haz planz. :)

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